Instructions and Information

Code Generator - Basic Use

The most basic use of the code generator is to verify the authenticity of an image and when that image was taken. To do this:
  1. Visit VERIFYCODE.XYZ and fill out the form. All fields except e-mail are optional.
  2. Write the code on a piece of paper, index card (my personal favorite) or display it on your phone (if you are using another device for the photo)
  3. Take a photo and send it to the person requesting it.
Cookies that are used to auto-fill the form elements are stored on your device, but are not used for tracking purposes. The site won't freak out if you don't have cookies enabled.

How or when should I use it?

There are a variety of uses for the code system, here are some examples:
  • Dom or Master wishes to give orders to a remote slave. The Master then goes to the code generation website and simultaneously generates a verification code and sends orders by e-mail to the slave to complete. In this situation a Master might have previously given the slave a reasonable amount of time to comply with orders and send a verification photo (usually no more than 15 minutes)
  • Slave is in an extended bondage situation, perhaps chastity, Master can tell the slave to send verification, whereupon the slave would generate a code and then send the verification photo

What if I don't get the e-mails?

Whitelist the random number generator's e-mail address:

Can I submit my verification photos through the website?

Not yet - but hopefully soon. Ideally this feature will allow a submissive to directly upload a photo and have it paired with the code. This feature should also include the ability to share the evidence privately with the listed dom or in a more public manner.

What if the titles approrpiate to my relationship aren't listed?

Unfortunately it is not possible to write a list of every possible variant (and if it were, who would want to scroll it?), but if you scroll to the bottom of each list there is a "Player 1" and "Player 2" option, which are designed for this scenario.

Can I keep the random number private?

To keep your random number private, fill in all of the fields EXCEPT for the Player 2 (sub) e-mail address. There will be no way to retrieve the log and the second user will not get an e-mail.